Sat Nam Rasayan®


Requirements for the examination and request the certificate

1.The student must have participated:

12 full days with Fateh Singh

2. Written part:

short essay based on "What the SNR is?"

3. Level I candidate must understand and be proficient in the following SNR concepts:

open the space, equalize the space, recognize and release resistance, individualization, contemplation, sensory space, sacred space

You can apply with a non-refundable deposit of EUR 200.

The remainder is to be paid in equal parts as follows:

11 July + 15 August + 28 November

Sat Nam Rasayan® Level I.

JULY 2020.- JUNE 2021.



Eur 960 / 12 days

repeat ticket:

Eur 60 / 1 day



until 30.06. 2020.

Eur 900 / 12 days



until 29.02. 2020.

Eur 840 / 12 days


Sat Nam Rasayan teaches wonderfully easy approch to dealing with the rush and stress of life. This is an unforgettable experience that can bring many new turns and breakthroughs in your life.  It opens up your possibilities and is the best way to became a real meditator and healing practitioner.

What can I learn during the Training?

- You will learn to meditate, to realize and feel yourself, what is happening here and right now, without judging.

- You will learn contemplate your thoughts without engaging in it.

- During the seminar a process which liberates you of internal emotional and psychic blocks happens and harmonizes your internal being.

- Different illnesses might be healed.


When you become a Sat nam Rasayan expert you learn to manage the events in your life and intuitively realize what is happening here and right now and how to use your energy in a more joyful way..


The learning of this training is a real magic. You do not have lectures, lessons, books. You don't have to learn anything by memory neither memorize anything. On the contrary!

You have to forget everything! Because the first rule for Sat Nam Rasayan says: „I know only because I feel.”

The focus is not the knowledge, but the development of the meditative connection and perception in relation to the patient.

Its essence lies in Shunya, the state of total neutrality, the Zero point.

With every seminar you become more tranquil, secure, your mind produces half less thoughts than before! From your inner stillness arises intuition and your thoughts become more exact, realistic and positive! In your head are being born new super insights about your life, works, business and relationships. And you become happier and happier.

In the training you learn to heal using the meditative state of absolute inner silence. And this ability penetrates in every sphere of your life, you start to feel yourself and other poeple deeply and subtler.


Featured topics:

Introduction • Sensitive Space • Dogmas

Resistances • Equalization • Completeness

Individualization • Multiple Individualization

Individualization of less tangible events

Resistance of distance

Review questions related to the Level 1 exam

At the Level 1 students become able to:

recognize the Sensitive Space, in wich the senses become perceptible

Recognize and resolve the resistances

Individualize the event you relate with you

Learn contemplation

Learn the Shunya State or the state of the silent mind


The Level 1 it's a one year training and consists of 12 days. The leader teacher of the Hungarian school is Fateh Singh. /Hamburg/

COURSE DATES Every day between 09:30-17:00 with lunch break:

2020/2021 L1 goup:

2020. 11-12 July, 15-16 August, 28-29 November,

2021. 16-17 January, 13 March, 17-18 April, 26 June

2019/2020 L1 group:

2019. 26-27 January, 15-16 March, 27 April, 29-30 June, 24-25 August. 13 October. 16 November.

2020. 18 January


Sat Nam Rasayan® Level I.

With Fateh Singh in Budapest

SNR Level I. start

07. 11-12. 2020.


Leader teacher

Being a trainer for the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan, Breathwalk and Yoga Numerology he offers introductory workshops trainings and advanced classes worldwide. Fateh Singh has an extensive knowledge about many aspects of Yoga and shares this ancient wisdom in a very practical way. With his humorous way he knows how to deliver a clear experience also about complex topics. He has a unique talent to make these sacred teachings applicable to our modern life.