Sat Nam Rasayan®

Learn to lead healthly relationships, to meet poeple without prejudice and to be present with yourself and your surroundungs. This becomes possible throught Sat Nam Rasayan® a centuries-old meditation technique and healing art of Kundalini Yoga..

In Sat Nam Rasayan the practitioner experiences through deep meditations now their mind enters the infinite transcendal state of Consciousness. The balance between life force, the five elements, the naadis, the meridians and the muscles is then created. In the neutral, contemplative state of Consciousness negative feelings, resistances, prejudices, conditions, boundaries and barriers are accessible and releaseble. Healing is coming about. The selfhealing powers of the body are activated and you are able to face life in a more balanced and clean state of mind.

In Sat Nam Rasayan, we use nothing but concentration and transcendental consciousness.  The process works in the similar way as when you move a muscle to bring about the desired change in reality. Only with focused attention can you control the five elements and the pranic body.

What is Sat Nam Rasayan?

Sat Nam Rasayan allows us to work very purposefully, for example on some organs, muscles, meridians, or even on spiritual blocks, and it can be very well integrated into supporter occupations, counseling, yoga teaching or healing practicing.

Sat Nam Rasayan uses sensitive impressions as a source of information.

Focus is not on knowledge, but on developing a meditative relationship and perception with the client or group.

The essence lies in Shuni, which is the state of total neutrality, the Zero Point. In this space, all judgments, analyzes, all philosophies are suspended.  It is about the experience of the Clean Self.  The mind is not involved.

Nothing and everything happens.

Sat Nam Rasayan teaches a wonderfully easy approach to dealing with the rush and stress of life. It is liberating, joyous and encouraging to experience the power of Silence and Doing Nothing, as conflicts resolve in this relaxed inner state. It is a straightforward, empirical and direct way of experiencing a conscious and intuitive life.

"Sat Nam" means Spirit or Self, or the manifestation of Reality as it is.

"Rasayan" means relaxation and flow.

Sat Nam Rasayan is free from dogmas, religions and belief systems. It not only helps practitioners and therapists of different yoga practices, but everyone who wants to improve their senses and deepen their meditation.

Fields of Application:

• depression, anxiety, stress, concentration disturbances

• Releasing fears, phobias, negative emotions, anger, grief

• General physical, mental and emotional problems, moodiness, disfunctions of the immune system, muscle and joint pain

• Complicated pregnancy or related blocks

• Communication problems and blocks in relationship creation

Sat Nam Rasayan teaches you:

• How the way leads from knowledge, trends, belief systems to pure experience

• How to integrate silence and tranquility into your life

• How to release unhealthy behaviors

• Experience every moment with mental purity and presence

• Have easy access to the high art of meditation

• Treat your feelings and thoughts so that you do not depend on them

• Develop and keep stable the inner silence in your mind

• Refine your intuition

• Heal others with powerful assets






Fateh Singh Khalsa (Hamburg)

2020. VII.11-12, VIII.15-16, XI.28-29

2021. I.16-17, III.13, IV.17-18, VI.26



Fateh Singh Khalsa (Hamburg)

09-10.3, 28.4, 25-26.5, 24-25.8,  17.9, 2019.

2020. I.18-19, VII.11-12, VIII.15-16,

2021. I-23-24, III.14. VI.27,